Friday, January 30, 2009

Dell began the development of analog iPhone

The company intends to release the Dell line of smartphones based on Google Android OS.
According to the journalists, Dell is developing a new device in 2007, and in the lineup will be at least 2 phones. As the agency, the company plans to release at least one with a touch screen - similar to the iPhone.

Today - seven of them!

The first smartphone based on Google Android platform was introduced on 23 September. During the three months that have elapsed since the start of sales of the first "googlophone", announced in a monthly average of two phones with Android.


A few days ago, the company General Mobile has guglofon DSTL1. One feature makes it different from other similar devices - there are two slots for SIM-cards. This means that the owner DSTL1 will be able to use mobile internet one operator, a voice of another.
In addition, the DSTL1 pyatimegapikselnaya camera. For comparison, the only serial guglofona G1 permission camera is 3.2 megapixels. Otherwise DSTL1 is no different from other smartphones with Android.


Second in the world smartphone based on Android was developed by the Chinese. He called the i6-Goal was announced in early December 2008. He also became the first guglofonom established in China.
i6-Goal was developed jointly by companies and TechFaith QIGI. Unlike DSTL1, any outstanding characteristics of the first Chinese "googlophone" can not boast.
By the way, in conjunction with guglofonom i6-Goal of TechFaith and QIGI fired him with a clone of Windows Mobile. Apparently, it is intended for Android-haters. But not so much, if only because the United States except "googlophone" has never sold. Prior to Europe, he should get there in late January - early February.


Second Chinese smartphone with Google Android become OPhone. It was created by Lenovo Mobile, the divisions in the year 2008 from the computer manufacturer Lenovo Group.
Chinese engineers are known for their love for creating clones of Apple iPhone. It is therefore unlikely to someone became a surprise guglofon that replicate yablofon. And the names they have almost the same.
With the iPhone smartphone OPhone rodnit large touch screen. In addition, the OPhone, as a smartphone and Apple, on the front panel has only one mechanical button. Like the iPhone, OPhone working in networks of 3G. However, only in the Chinese standard TD-SCDMA.
Specifications OPhone manufacturer said. But we know that to solve the camera he left far behind Apple smartphone - the five-megapixel against two.


Australia rarely remember when it comes to technological innovations. But not in the case of Google Android.
Australian company Kogan was the third producer, after HTC, issuing G1, and China TechFaith and QIGI, announced "googlophone". Or rather, two "googlofons".
In early December 2008 on its website published Kogan characteristics "googlofons" Agora and Agora Pro. At the same time, opened the reception of preliminary orders for them. Price was the first $ 299, second - 399 dollars.
Outwardly, both guglofona Kogan virtually identical. They are made in the form of monobloka with the qwerty-keyboard and a horizontally oriented 2.5-inch screen. By the way, before any one smartphone with Android is not produced in such a case.
The difference between the Agora and Agora Pro in the stuffing. The latter is more navorochennym. For example, he has a module Wi-Fi and GPS, as well as dvuhmegapikselnaya camera. More cheap Agora that can not boast.
But short was the Australian happiness. After one and a half months after the announcement of smartphones based on Android CEO Kogan announced that issue Agora and Agora Pro postponed because devices need to be finalized. The reason for refining - the problem of compatibility of Kogan phones and applications for the platform Android.


Three months after the announcement G1, the company HTC, has created this smartphone to order the operator T-Mobile, has developed its second "googlophone". His job again made T-Mobile. Since the title does not become unnecessarily - G2.
In contrast to the G1, the second "googlophone" HTC made in the form of monoblock. Touch screen phones remained at the same location as the 3.2-megapixel camera.
Incidentally, the G2 is something wrong with the software. What is it - is unknown. But because of the start of sales of phones had been deferred from February 2009 to April.
It is easy to notice that among the producers announced guglofonov known only company HTC. However, this does not mean that the leaders of the mobile market is not interested in the platform.
In particular, the emergence of interesting patterns on the basis of Google Android expect from the U.S. company Motorola. Thus, in the autumn of 2008 became aware of plans to heads of Motorola mobile division Sandzhay Jakarta to concentrate efforts on the creation of smart phones, operating on a platform of Google Android.
In 2009, promised to release "googlophones" companies such as Asus, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. Perhaps, Android will make the basis of its smartphone and Dell. It was expected that the latter will be presented in mid-February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
In addition, in Barcelona, the first smartphone under its own brand show Acer. Based on the information in the invitation to the presentation of new products Acer, the company will introduce a line of smartphones. It can not be excluded that among them will not be even one based on Android. The truth is, Acer is not part of the Open Handset Alliance, created by Google to support the mobile platform Android.
However, in the Open Handset Alliance are not any Kogan, neither with TechFaith QIGI, neither Lenovo Mobile, which did not stop them on the path to guglofonu.