Friday, February 13, 2009

Battle in five rounds: iPhone vs G1.

Before official release G1 there were many conversations: as the first phone on platform Android will look, even its future name was discussed. Whether it will be so good to surpass iPhone? Whether it will be beautiful, whether will richly look, etc...
So, today we can get answers because iPhone and MacOS enter in fight with unique, innovative T-Mobile G1 and Google Android. Are your ready? Fight!
Round 1. How much it is useful in work?
It is interesting to compare these two devices because both, apparently, are created that, about for fun, instead of to work properly. It is necessary to notice, nevertheless, that at T-Mobile G1 there are two serious advantages before iPhone. First, QWERTY keyboard with the quite good response - a big bonus at work with e-mail and to that of similar employment. Second, it integrate with GoogleMail, Gtalk and other numerous Google - services. One so does this its unattainable that any loaded Office - appendices iPhone will not be compared to it, (as Android Marketplace is not worse at all, and, maybe, and better, than the software package iPhone). T - Mobile G1 wins a round.
The winner: T-Mobile G1
Round 2 . How much it is good to idle on work?
Well here both phones have succeeded in it. It seems that any attempt which undertakes iPhone that it was easier to fool about, meets reciprocal step T-Mobile G1 . At iPhone there are loaded games; at G1 - too. At iPhone is iTunes; G1 can brag Amazon MP3 Store. And while iPhone pleases admirers with possibility of to "pinch", at G1 is Pacman... So this, at us a drawn game!
The winner: the drawn game!
Round 3. How often this phone will allow me to brag to friends?
T-Mobile G1 has many games, and it have Pacman, but nevertheless, it does not manage to overcome force of an attraction absolutely senseless, but improbably amusing game in vials on iPhone or any of a set of absolutely silly appendices which, undoubtedly, will not change a life of mankind and will not make technical revolution, but will force your friends to laugh to I will fall. Also can be, they will tell that G1 looks dullishly.
The winner: iPhone.
Round 4. How easy to use this phone, to peep the answer in a quiz?
Well, here easy as a pie. Yes, both browsers are magnificent, both more quickly connected. But allow to explain very much shortly why iPhone will not win this time, as well as in case with Nokia N97 : G1 have QWERTY keyboard, at it easy to print, wins. What? You want more? Well it is fine, at G1 there is a Google search panel placed directly on the screen, and it facilitates possibility of fast search even more.
The winner: T-Mobile G1
Round 5. How much I will be pleasant to use it, and how much well I will look thus?
Here we also have approached to finish of the big battle. Both phones are very pleasant in using, both have unusual interfaces (anyway, before occurrence following android phone), both allow to take advantage of the additional software and to make phone more individual, both have the big glass screen. And the perception of associates too will be identical - one will tell that you abnormal because you use iPhone, others will think that you abstruse, becouse your use G1!
The winner: Draw!
So, today's in battle has won... So, where my calculator?... Has won T-Mobile G1 , and it on 150 % is better iPhone!

Budgetary smartphone EeePhone will not be shown at exhibition MWC 2009.

Garmin and Asus have declared that at exhibition Mobile World Congress their joint product Eee Phone will not be shown - its announcement will take place later this year. Now the companies do an emphasis on release of top smartphones Garmin-Asus Nuvifone.
Predictably, EeePhone it will appear the smart phone of budgetary level and can adequately compete not only with budget products, but also more expensive devices. An operating system under which management will work Eee Phone, can quite become Google Android. It is considered, Eee Phone will successfully insert in product line of superpopular netbooks Eee PC.