Friday, May 1, 2009

Motorola Ironman and Calgary: November Android-phones.

Not the secret, that Motorola works over phones with platform Google Android. According to the head of mobile division Motorola, Sannjay Jha, "googlophones" will be let out by a celebratory season (in November). While in a network images of two Android-models Motorola - Calgary and Ironman are accessible. The first device represents lateral slider with the big touch screen and the sliding QWERTY-keyboard, and the second - vertical slider with the touch screen (not such big, as at Calgary) and QWERTY. On hearings, in job at Motorola is also premium level "googlophone". It will be executed from expensive materials, and cost will be comparable to price with AURA (V).

Xperia X2 again it was lighted on the Internet.

Xperia X1 is a communicator on Windows Mobile from Sony Ericsson which was issued in the last autumn, and before was very frequent visitor on news portals. About it one hundred hearings has been thought up not, but nevertheless it has reached counters, and turn Xperia X2 now has come. This model, as well as more senior, already has had time to become a subject of discussions at various forums but while there are no official statements that it is in working out. But nevertheless there is a small probability, that it will be made nevertheless, as the director of firm Skyhook Ted Morgan has casually let out it in the interview. This firm is engaged in working out navigating under Windows Mobile, and, according to Ted, Sony Ericsson already asked him to write the program for Xperia X2. But for that moment the contract has not been signed, as SE was not defined yet, what OS to him to choose - Windows Mobile or Google Android. In a word, the situation with this communicator exactly repeats this with the first Xperia so, that in the near future we should expect ostensibly the casual information leakage comprising photos of a new communicator and its technical characteristics.