Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Android-phones from Haier.

After MWC 2009 exhibition continue to appear novelties which have not been noticed by the wide public.
Haier's Googlephones
So, Haier company has shown two mobile in which will be used Android OS. Names at devices do not differ originality - Googlephone 1 and Googlephone 2. Probably, novelties have not been noticed in time simply because representatives of the company have shown them in a non-working status and have not told anything about characteristics, except for operational system. As it is visible on photos, communicators have big touch displays and design now traditional for such devices. It is not known when the Haier is going to announce novelties.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Microsoft declares its rights to FAT32 file system.

Microsoft corporation submits the judicial claim against the TomTom - manufacturer of navigating devices, accusing the last in infringement of a series of patents. In the claim asserts, that some TomTom products including that work on Linux, violate the right to use of FAT32 file system. The lawsuit lists concrete models of automobile and portable devices where, in opinion Microsoft, contains an infringements. However, independent observers speak, that the TomTom company has been chosen almost casually from the list as many manufacturers of portable devices use FAT32 file system, moreover support of FAT32 has been introduced in Linux operational system, that possible to consider as infringement of the patent. The base occasion for the claim is two patents with numbers 5 579 517 and 5 758 352 which describe system of storage and namings of files on the removable or stationary drives. In practice in two patents is described the technology FAT32, and also the return compatibility DOS files is used names system 8+3 (8 letters on the name and 3 on expansion of a file), and Windows where the 8-alphabetic limit has been removed(has been taken off). In TomTom declare, that they do not agree with the claim of Microsoft and "will resolutely protect" the interests in court. According to Danish company representatives some development were used at creation of a program stuffing for navigating devices, but all of them have been licensed on GPL and in this is not present the fault of the company. Apparently, in court will be define is this program, which source codes free accessible, break the Microsoft rights or not. It is necessary to note, that precisely the same approach has been used in Amazon Kindle devices, smartphones on the basis of Google Android, Nokia Maemo mobile platform and other devices. Experts mark, that if the software giant as a result will transfer the claim on Linux OS in business will entered OIN - Open Invention Network which will respond to Microsoft with a series counterclaims about patents. In 2006 Microsoft has informed, that Linux breaks more than 200 patents, the rights on which belong to the company. However then further statements and threats business is not has gone also claims against Linux has not followed. Besides the patents concern with FAT32 file system, Microsoft also accuses TomTom in infringement of two more patents concerning interfaces of navigators.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Google patents own slider smartphone.

Ambitions Google in mobile sphere grow and grow. First OS Android 1.0, next year is planned release of Android 3.0. And now Google patents the own device. The name of patent is « The Electronic device with the swivel mechanism ». Possibly all salt in the mechanism, as externally the device does not specifically differ and reminds T-Mobile G1.
Google slider
In considering, that the patent has been filled in August, 2007, by the moment of realease a smartphone its design and opportunities will have some number of changes.

Nokia can enter on a notebooks market.

Nokia head, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, has declared during interview the Finnish telechannel YLE, that his company considers an opportunity of an entering on notebook market. Considering all the changes which have occured last years, this decision Nokia company if it will be finally accepted, doesn't become such surprising. " That we now calls mobile phones, and that we named personal computers five years ago, at the moment not too strongly differ from each other " - has told Kallasvuo. In spite of that fact that Nokia looks like a little bit late visitor on this party, it have chances to win some share of this market. It is expected, that Nokia notebooks will differs from the products presented today on market, especially if to consider that fact, that the company for certain will add in the devices some communication modules . Also it is necessary to recollect, that in past Nokia already declared, that its mobile phones actually are computers. While it is possible only abstractly to argue what a notebooks Nokia will release. But if to consider all factors, there is a sensation, that it will be absolutely not similar devices than what we were accustomed by modern manufacturers of portable computers. With all this sensation around Google Android, портированной in нетбуки, very probably also, that Nokia can develop for the notebooks a new version of Symbian OS, however at the moment all this is no more than the assumption.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gameloft announced 20 games for Android.

The well known games publisher Gameloft has announced expeditious release at once 20 game applications for the smartphones using OS Android. And this despite the fact that only one such device (T-Mobile G1 at present is on sale), and the second (HTC Magic) will be presented more recently. The set of games which will be on sale through online-shop Android Market, is rather various - from Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009 up to CSI: Miami. Also will be released Bubble Bash, Platinum Sudoku, « 1 against 100 », Midnight Bowling 2, Brain Challenge, The Settlers, Midnight Hold'Em Poker, Gangstar 2: Crime City, Dogz 2, Midnight Pool 2, Block Breaker Deluxe 2 and Real Football Manager 2009. « Owing to online-distribution, the main trading platform of the future, Android Market can offer consumers new channels of search and purchase of games », - vice-president Gameloft has noted Gonsago de Value. Yes, the qualitative game applications can play rather important role in promotion of a new program platform.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Garmin-Asus Eee Phone: instead of Android will have Windows Mobile 6.5?

Accessible mobile phone EeePhone is surrounded by rumors. The device is developing an a recently formed alliance Garmin-Asus. There was an information, that instead of Linux-platform Android of the company can install on Eee Phone a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS which has been announced during the Mobile World congress. Representatives Garmin and Asus refuse to make a comments about Eee Phone. Perhaps, the Asus executive director is unique official, who is confirming the fact of its development. However even he is avaricious on a detail. However, it is not excluded, that Garmin-Asus will present at once a few Eee Phone with a miscellaneous software. As was in a case with netbooks Eee PC - buyers could choose models with Linux or with Windows.

Freescale will release a platform for netbooks with Android and Xandros.

Having announced the last month a platform for netbooks with support 3G on the basis of the i.MX515 processor, Freescale Semiconductor company on MWC 2009 has continued to follow in this direction. The manufacturer has declared about cooperation with a lot of the companies for chips adaptation for OS Android from Google, HyperSpace - «hot start» systems from Phoenix Technologyes and Xandros Linux. The basic purpose of the company is a promotion i.MX515 for notebooks with the integrated 3G communications module. In this direction Freescale is actively cooperates with Wavecom and Option companies. The choice of the open systems for i.MX515 chips will allow Freescale to successfully compete on the netbooks market in a budgetary segment. The company already showed the first samples of reference-design on i. MX515 with 1 GHz frequency on the CES 2009, and mass release of these processors is planned for second half of 2009. It is possible to expect occurrence a netbooks on Freescale platform under control of Android in the autumn of this year.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

MWC2009. Third day. Neo, LG, QiGi.

Neo company does not a leaders of the mobile industry, however its phones are allocated among production of competitors. On an exhibition to Barcelona the company has brought some devices among which is present Neo 808i. The information on this phone appeared in the past to year and it can safely nominate for a rank of the smallest functional mobile.
Neo 808i
At the size 72х41х14 mm phone is equipped by the color display, 1,2-megapixel camera, FM-tuner, slot microSD and МР3-player. Except for this device was been shown not less exotic phone Neo Eclipse with an arcual back panel and classical monoblock Neo 909b working under control of OS Android. When these devices will reach users - it is still not known. LG representatives have confirmed, that the announced in July of the last year smartphone LG KS360, becomes the first device of the company working under control of Google Android.
LG KS360
Functional's of the updated version device will not differ from original LG KS360. Unique difference of two devices is Google Android OS. LG KS360 has the 2,4-inch touch display, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth module, FM-tuner and the put forward QWERTY-keyboard. Updated version LG KS360 will appear in the summer. Besides up to the end of year LG plans to release two more Android-smartphone. Chinese companies TechFaith Wireless and QIGI have brought on the World mobile congress in Barcelona the new communicator QiGi i6. Distinctive feature of this device is the opportunity of work under control of two OS: Google Android, and Windows Mobile 6.1.
QiGi i6
Beside this, communicator have processor with clock frequency 624 MHz, 2,8-inch touch display, 2-megapixel camera, the GPS-module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the slot for microSD memory cards (up to 4 gigabytes). The sizes of the device 109 x 58 x 14,9 millimeters.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Modesty of the Google, or Android on MWC 2009.

Contrary to expectations of devices on the basis of Android on MWC is a little. They, certainly, all "made in China". Google at an exhibition is present only in the form of a separate negotiation room - near which, however, noticed a suspicious lot of Chinese heads in the strict dress. Chineses in private conversations are extremely pleased to occurrence Google. Windows Mobile was too expensive, as they said. In general, Google, on MWC is almost imperceptible, but some new devices are present, in particular, HTC Magic. Samsung company, on behalf of Won-Pyo Hong, the head of strategic planning products, has confirmed the intentions on release of Android-phones. Moreover, top-manager of the company has declared, that Samsung will put on the market, at least, three devices on Android and one on the basis of other Linux-like OS by the end of this year. In turn, Mr. Lencquesaing, the officially representing Acer company at exhibition MWC 2009, has declared, that his company is going to present up to the end of year at least one communicator not on Windows Mobile, and not on Symbian. Top-manager has actually confirmed intention of Acer to fill up the list of Android devices manufacturers. Broadcom company has announced on MWC 2009 a refrence-design for smartphones with support of high resolution video and 12-megapixels camera. The manufacturer of mobile chipsets positions this decision as the basis for future phones under control of Android. As a key characteristics act - presence a hardware codecs for HD video (up to 720р), output HDMI channel and support for digital camera with the resolution up to 12 Mp. Broadcom declare that a camera module, besides record of HD-video, supports an image stabilization and a recognition faces, blinking and smiles. The reference-design includes also the processor for connection to 3G networks on chip BCM2153, multimedia processor BCM2727, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/FM module on chip BCM4325, A-GPS receiver BCM4750, TV-receiver BCM2940 and the chip of power management BCM59035. The representative of the company has declared, that a combination of opportunities of OS Android and functional decisions from Broadcom will lead to occurrence of following generation smartphones and communicators.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MWC 2009: the official announcement of Android-phone HTC Magic.

On international congress World Mobile Congress 2009 in Barcelona took place official presentation of the mobile phone of company High Tech Computer the second HTC phone on Android OS platform, named HTC Magic and specially developed for the operator of cellular communication Vodafone. Communicator HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 can be named "magic". The device on a platform unfamiliar to anybody, in few months has circulation in one million copies and has considerably promoted Taiwan's success in struggle against global financial crisis. Now HTC announced the second communicator on Google Android with code name "Magic". But whether the second portion "android" is pleasant to users? HTC Magic stuffing is a standard ARM-platform which put in devices on Windows Mobile. The device supports GSM and UMTS networks, possesses all gentlemen's set and weighs less, than the predecessor, - 118.5 g instead of 158. However, it is explainable the keyboard is absent in HTC Magic. The device is executed as a snow-white monoblock, and management of the device can be carried out by means of fingers directly through the big touch screen.
HTC Dream
The basic characteristics of a novelty:
  • Ability to work in GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) and HSDPA (900/2100 MHz) networks;
  • Processor Qualcomm MSM7201A with clock frequency of 528 MHz;
  • 192 Mb of RAM memory and 512 Mb of ROM memory;
  • MicroSD-cards slot;
  • the 3,2-inch touch TFT-display with the resolution 320 x 480 pixels and support of 65 thousand colors;
  • 3,15-megapixel camera with autofocus, allowing to receive pictures with the maximal resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels;
  • Built-in GPS-receiver;
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g modules;
  • Built-in MP3-player;
  • miniUSB interface ;
  • Integrated speakerphone;
  • 40-voice polyphony;
  • Support GPRS Class 10, EDGE Class 10, SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, HTML and Java MIDP 2.0;
  • Function of a digital compass and documents view;
  • Lithium-ion battery in capacity 1340 mAh which charge suffices on 7 and a half of hours of continuous negotiations or about 420 hours independent work in expectation mode;
  • Overall dimensions is 117,7 x 55 x 13,7 mm;
  • Weight is 118,5 g
It is necessary to note a plenty of hardware keys under the screen. And lack which is evident, - the low resolution of the display. Today communicators should have a VGA-matrix. In sale HTC Magic will arrive in April in the Great Britain, and then will appear in the Europe.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Huawei is going to release 2-3 Android phones in this year.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei during MWC has declared that it plans to put on the market 2-3 models of phones based on operational system Android in this year, and in the following - some more. Edward Chen, the head of devices department, has declared in interview Reuters, that the company also discusses an opportunity of release a Symbian devices, and also Linux-platform LiMo. Now Huawei creates phones for operators who then sell it under the brands. Volumes of manufacture in current year are planned in volume about 40-45 million pieces (in the past year it has been sold 33 million devices). Chen also has added, that the Chinese manufacturer gathers in the end of this year or the beginning following to present the commercial sample of phone with the next generation technology LTE.

Nvidia company has announced support of Google Android platform.

The decision on support Android was accepted on the basis of internal researches. In the company assume, that in 2012 of sale «googlophones» will bypass sales smartphones and communicators on Windows Mobile. The mobile processors Nvidia Tegra announced in the past year, intended for devices exclusively on the basis of Windows Mobile. Hearings about support of a new platform have appeared some time ago. It was expected, that it will be the mobile version Mac OS used on iPhone.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favourite routes with « My Tracks » for Android phones.

The new GPS application "My Tracks" has appeared for phones on the basis of Android, such as T-Mobile G1. "My Tracks" writes all movings of the user on the nature, using for this purpose built-in phone GPS. On the screen is displayed the passed way on a map and a current data, including height above sea level. The most important - this is easy to share with friends and all world by means of Google Maps or to archive in history of trainings by means of Google Docs. The majority of GPS-receivers need special interface to a computer with installing software for transfer and converting of data, for uploading a route into a network. With My Tracks it became much easier. To write down a route and to load it is possible directly from phone by means of e-mail or Twitter. "My Tracks" can:
  • Write down and display GPS-tracks during occupations by run, the pedestrian walks, drivings on a bicycle, walkings on skis or any other active kind of sports
  • Display the operative information on full time, time in movement, average speed, distance and height above sea level
  • Send statistics of trainings in Google Docs for construction of history of occupations
  • Put labels and make their description for other users Google Maps
Necessary to go to Android Market from phone on the basis of Android and specify in search "My Tracks." Install it and press "Start recording" in the menu.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Battle in five rounds: iPhone vs G1.

Before official release G1 there were many conversations: as the first phone on platform Android will look, even its future name was discussed. Whether it will be so good to surpass iPhone? Whether it will be beautiful, whether will richly look, etc...
So, today we can get answers because iPhone and MacOS enter in fight with unique, innovative T-Mobile G1 and Google Android. Are your ready? Fight!
Round 1. How much it is useful in work?
It is interesting to compare these two devices because both, apparently, are created that, about for fun, instead of to work properly. It is necessary to notice, nevertheless, that at T-Mobile G1 there are two serious advantages before iPhone. First, QWERTY keyboard with the quite good response - a big bonus at work with e-mail and to that of similar employment. Second, it integrate with GoogleMail, Gtalk and other numerous Google - services. One so does this its unattainable that any loaded Office - appendices iPhone will not be compared to it, (as Android Marketplace is not worse at all, and, maybe, and better, than the software package iPhone). T - Mobile G1 wins a round.
The winner: T-Mobile G1
Round 2 . How much it is good to idle on work?
Well here both phones have succeeded in it. It seems that any attempt which undertakes iPhone that it was easier to fool about, meets reciprocal step T-Mobile G1 . At iPhone there are loaded games; at G1 - too. At iPhone is iTunes; G1 can brag Amazon MP3 Store. And while iPhone pleases admirers with possibility of to "pinch", at G1 is Pacman... So this, at us a drawn game!
The winner: the drawn game!
Round 3. How often this phone will allow me to brag to friends?
T-Mobile G1 has many games, and it have Pacman, but nevertheless, it does not manage to overcome force of an attraction absolutely senseless, but improbably amusing game in vials on iPhone or any of a set of absolutely silly appendices which, undoubtedly, will not change a life of mankind and will not make technical revolution, but will force your friends to laugh to I will fall. Also can be, they will tell that G1 looks dullishly.
The winner: iPhone.
Round 4. How easy to use this phone, to peep the answer in a quiz?
Well, here easy as a pie. Yes, both browsers are magnificent, both more quickly connected. But allow to explain very much shortly why iPhone will not win this time, as well as in case with Nokia N97 : G1 have QWERTY keyboard, at it easy to print, wins. What? You want more? Well it is fine, at G1 there is a Google search panel placed directly on the screen, and it facilitates possibility of fast search even more.
The winner: T-Mobile G1
Round 5. How much I will be pleasant to use it, and how much well I will look thus?
Here we also have approached to finish of the big battle. Both phones are very pleasant in using, both have unusual interfaces (anyway, before occurrence following android phone), both allow to take advantage of the additional software and to make phone more individual, both have the big glass screen. And the perception of associates too will be identical - one will tell that you abnormal because you use iPhone, others will think that you abstruse, becouse your use G1!
The winner: Draw!
So, today's in battle has won... So, where my calculator?... Has won T-Mobile G1 , and it on 150 % is better iPhone!

Budgetary smartphone EeePhone will not be shown at exhibition MWC 2009.

Garmin and Asus have declared that at exhibition Mobile World Congress their joint product Eee Phone will not be shown - its announcement will take place later this year. Now the companies do an emphasis on release of top smartphones Garmin-Asus Nuvifone.
Predictably, EeePhone it will appear the smart phone of budgetary level and can adequately compete not only with budget products, but also more expensive devices. An operating system under which management will work Eee Phone, can quite become Google Android. It is considered, Eee Phone will successfully insert in product line of superpopular netbooks Eee PC.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Samsung transfers release of the Android communicator.

The world mobile community expected that on Mobile World Congress which will start next week, company Samsung will present the smart phone on the basis of Android. But it has appeared that it does not happen. Samsung has decided to delay a relise of the first Android-phone to second half of 2009. Anything surprising: still in the end of the last year Samsung said that its smartphone on the basis of Android will appear only in the summer. But then the announcement have transferred on earlier period. Whether Yanghi, the head of marketing of mobile depatment Samsung, has officially informed that next week in Barcelona it is not necessary to wait for Android-phones from Samsung. All is transferred on second half of 2009. We hope that at least HTC will please us on MWC with the G2. However official statements about it did not arrive yet.

At competition Pwn2Own hackers will compete in breaking of browsers and smart phones.

During competitions which this year will pass at annual hacker's conference CanSecWest, web browsers and mobile phones become the main targets. As organizers of action speak, competition Pwn2Own will consist this time of two separate disciplines – in the first case of hackers will set on IE8, Firefox 3 and Safari, and phones on the basis of Google Android, Apple iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile become the purposes of the second competition. Fight IE and Firefox, no doubt, will involve in itself special attention though it is not up to the end clear, for what reasons browser Opera has been eliminated from this competition. Rules of carrying out of competition are not sounded yet, but we with confidence can assume that for a victory hackers should use unknown vulnerability in a browser and to get complete access to system. Windows 7 becomes a platform for carrying out of experiments Sony VAIO P with installed on it, and the winner can leave this computer to itself. The second action routed on breaking of transportable OS, also should involve in itself interest. Hackers have already successfully cracked iPhone and smart phones on the basis of Android, it is known as well about presence exploits in Symbian and Windows Mobile. Therefore from this competition too it is necessary to expect much that standing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

O2 is working on mobile data storage.

If it is about the marketing of Android mobile phones, a well-arranged word wants to join in the conversation O2 still this year. From six to eight Smartphones should be equipped with the Google operating system. There competition positions itself already for T-Mobile.
There will be in future not only G1 alternatives, O2 also plans at other place what new: to the end of the year there should also be an on-line memory solution. The idea: Files like photos or videos of the mobile phone or the notebook on-line can store and call away from everywhere. As an interface between mobile phone or notebook and Internet serves a small box which is connected on the mobile radio network from o2 to the World Wide web. Files will transfer by Bluetooth on the box and walk from there on-line further on an o2 server which serves as a storage space. I might already look the box on "Innovation Days" in the Munich group headquarters. Advantage: the whole fun functions without additional software. Indeed, the box recently snatched to the developer lab looks a little bit bulky. Up to the end of the year - the marketing of the memory solution should not start earlier - one still, however, wants to shrink the size with o2. So in possibly at USB embroidery level, one says.
And what does this cost? Do not know one with o2 still exactly. The responsible Product manager explained towards me that one calculates with monthly costs at the rate of five euros. Quite honestly: this is too expensive to me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Internet tablet on the basis of Google Android.

French manufacturer of multimedia players Archos represents the device on the basis of Andoid. It not the smart phone, but look as Internet Media Tablet (IMT).
And still the device has abilities of a mobile phone thanks to a combination of properties of products on the basis of Google Android and to experience Archos. In its basis ARM-processor OMAP of 3 companies Texas Instruments which will provide to the device support of networks UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (to 7,2 Mbit/c), and also possibilities of record of video from built in TV-receiver and HD-video playback will lie.
Other characteristics Archos on the basis of Android:
- the Touch-sensitive display on 5 inches.
- connection 3.5G, HSUPA to 7.2 Mbps.
- Support Adobe Flash and Flash Video.
- High-class TV recording, plus High Definition (HD) playback.
- To 500 GB memories.
- the powerful battery guaranteeing till 7 o'clock of playback of video.
- a thickness: 10 mm.
Maps of the new device while are not present, the device will appear on sale in the third quarter of this year.

Apple has asked Google not to use multitouch in Android-phones.

According to the information from one of developers of platform Android, company Apple has asked Google not to use possibility of the multitach-interface in phone G1 or somewhere else. According to the same source, Google will be agree with it. In spite of the fact that hardware G1 as it has been recently clarified, supports plural pressing, collision with Apple on this territory does not enter into interests Google. At least, at present. To all other to be got involved in legal fights on the given sector of the front can cost too much — Apple has patented everything, as to the given technology and consequently has advantage.

Monday, February 9, 2009

iPod Touch has turned to phone.

Representatives JAJAH declared updating iPod Touch, transformed this device in a high-grade cellular telephone. To carry out calls newly made "mobile phone" will through VoIP- communication (by means of Wi-Fi hotspots).
Download the corresponding software can any visitor Apple App Store which is the owner of last version iPod Touch. However, to take advantage of new service to users it will be necessary to get corresponding headset.
But calls and sms through VoIP will manage much more cheaply calls through networks of operators of cellular communication.
Whether it is necessary to say that if this direction will appear popular soon we will see set of which devices of function will be added VoIP telephony. And also new devices for VoIP, including on the basis of the open and easily scaled OS Android.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Androids attack.

Platform Android expands the markets of sales of phones under the handle. Soon smart phone "Dream" sales (or G1 in version T-Mobile) will start in Australia and Singapore. In the last country the largest local operator Singapore Telecommunications becomes the distributor, its affiliated company Optus will organise sales in Australia. Australians can gain phone since February, 16th, a bit later it will appear on sale in territory of Singapore. Any surprises has not occurred also the Asian version of well-known Android-phone functionally completely repeats T-Mobile G1, presented to the USA last year. Optus operator has already developed the bar of the tariff schedules specially "ground" under HTC Dream. The price range of the monthly subscriber card varies from $59 to $129, and payment for phone – from $3 to $51 a month, depending on the selected tariff. Under VentureBeat corporation forecasts, all this year light will see about 40 phones with Android. They will be on sale under the subsidised and usual price. The number of novelties will be started in cooperation with cellular operators (as HTC and T-Mobile in due time have released G1). In this segment of the market cellular O2 Germany operator intends to make the serious demand. During exhibition O2 Innovation Days in Germany it has been declared schedules of release of 6-8 devices.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pair of new concept phones Sony Ericsson.

Having decided to grant a respite not born yet communicators XPERIA X2, Sony Ericsson designers have decided to throw the creative efforts to index X3. The device is equipped standard for modern concepts by a touch-sensitive display, program platform Google Android and other components of an arsenal of everyone respecting communicator.
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3
The main difference of the given device from other developments is its size. In that case, perhaps, it was meaningful to assign to this device name XPERIA Mini or even Nano?
The second concept has received name Sony Ericsson W903 Ryuga; this device rightfully can be named madly stylish. The author of development became J. Havrlant, possibly, best designer the conceptualist devoting the operations of ideology of the well-known Japanese-Swedish alliance.
Sony Ericsson W903 Ryuga
The given musical device is equipped by the touch OLED-display on which it is possible to view web pages, videoclips, to start game applications; and, of course, its main advantage is the well-known player Walkman. A smart product!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Concept phone Granite.

The river pebble polished with water became a prototype concept mobile phone Granite. The designer by name of Sachin Mistry became which author, represents impressive enough device having onboard the 3,1-inch display and 3-megapixel camera.
Outwardly the device represents harmonious symbiosis of ideologies Palm Pre, rulers HTC communicators, and also something working under control of platform Google Android.
Also phone Granite is equipped 8-gigabytes SSD-card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for data exchange with devices under Windows or MacOS X. The sizes of phone make 121 x 58 x 9,5 mm, its case is made of glossy plastic. Concerning a brand under which such device could appear in a production version, it is necessary to guess only. Palm, HTC, maybe, Apple?

Google Books it is adapted for iPhone and Android

Google adapted project Google Books in which frameworks users can get access to digital copies of books, under the mobile devices working on the basis of operating system Android, and also under Apple iPhone. Besides, the company has joined group of the western operators and the content-providers advancing access to electronic books on screens of mobile phones.
In Google notice that is primary all materials presented in the project, have been scanned and placed in open access. At viewing scans of books on the big screen of the computer of problems, as a rule, do not arise, and here when the user tries to make the same on 3-inch a mobile phone or smart phone screen its attempts terminate unsuccessfully.
As a result, the company in special way adapted Google Books that mobile clients too could use service. In practice adaptation has been shown to the admission of materials through the OCR-systems recognising the text. To actually mobile users are transferred(transmitted) only the text of books, without their graphic representation.
In statement Google it is said that now on service the English-speaking are accessible to mobile users to 1,5 million books, about 1 million from which. At present in texts of books some mistakes caused by features of work of OCR-systems contain. To users of mobile versions the company has addressed in the request to correct downloaded texts and to send back corrected variants.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ubiquitous Android, or Android - everywhere.

The former designer Apple Mark Hemblin was engaged in debugging of platform Android together with company Google and its partners. After an upgrade it can work not only with wireless phones, but also with others gadgets.
When Google with partners for the first time declared plans on creation Android, they talked about a software for mobile phones. This work has been finished in the end of the last year with release on the market of phone G1 from T-Mobile. On turn new mobile phones with a revolutionary software. But before it we can see this platform and on some other gadgets.
Mark Hemblin helped to create design of the touch screen for iPhone. Today the general director of company Touch Revolution alters Android for start on other devices. In Mark's plans to introduce this system on house wire phones and on remote controls, and also in restaurant menus, medical devices and on 15-inch kitchen computers on which members of a family can leave to the friend of the message.
The concept "Android everywhere" becomes good news, both for Google, and for such manufacturers of chips, as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments which invested means in platform development. They, certainly, will like idea of sale of semiconductors in the new markets. And here for Microsoft "omnipresence" Android becomes the reason for the next headache, because the software giant under the direction of Steve Balmer itself aspires to establishing the software on as it is possible more quantity electronic devices.
Where Android can appear in the near future? "The facilitated" versions laptops, known as netbooks, at exhibition GSMA Mobile World Congress which will pass in this month in Barcelona are going to present set of electronic devises on the basis of Android.
"Nine months ago was full curious, interested Android, - the director for marketing WindRiver Systems John Bruggeman speaks. - Now they start to build design which effectively surpasses all versions Windows".
Representatives Microsoft declare that the company is not frightened by rivalry with Android, based on OS Linux. "We welcome possibility of a competition to other companies in this area, - is told in statement Microsoft. - In general, we consider that users will prefer well to them the acquaintances compatible to many programs and OS Windows easy in use, rather than than Linux".
According to Businessweek.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dream G200i – one more Android-phone?

Dream G200i is one more smartphone, working on operating system Android of manufacture Google. Right after release its price will make only $235, the truth, when sales will begin nobody knows . However, there is a suspicion that in given phone there will be no module of support of networks of the third generation, marks MobileDevice.
Dream G200i

As to hardware and program characteristics smartphone then all is more or less standard. Not so big touch screen, a diagonal of 2,8 inches, and the permission 320х240 pixels, 4-megapixel camera (it is a little unusual, whether not so?), Bluetooth module and a player supporting formats MP3, WAV, WMA, AVI, ASF, WMV, MP4, 3GP. The sizes Dream G200i make 107х56х12 mm, and weight – about 110 gramms. The question on presence in the given device of support 3G and WiFi while remains opened.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Apple has patented "multi-touch"! The competition will be continued by lawyers?

Company Apple has taken out the patent on multi-touch.
Some days ago the patent bureau of the USA has given out Apple the patent for firm technology multi-touch, used in Apple iPhone under the name «Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics».
Now struggle against competing products iPhone, such as Palm Pre and Google Android, can be translated in a legal field. Under the threat as well eeePC with multi-touch touchpad. Probably lawyers Apple already prepare a series of claims.
We will remind that the technology multi-touch allows to operate the interface of phone by means of one or several touches to the display. For example, the touch of 2 fingers simultaneously allows to scale the image, and turn of two fingers on the display allows to rotate the image.

Updating T-Mobile G1 - without Cupcake

Operator T-Mobile has confirmed that will let out the following version of an insertion 1.1 /RC-33 for smart phone T-Mobile G1 from February, 5 till February, 15th. The insertion will be updated in mode OTA (Over the Air, "by air").
It was already received by the limited number of users, thus, it while test release.
T-Mobile G1 Unfortunately, in this updating does not contain yet an update of platform Android code-named Cupcake of which with such impatience is waited by users of the smart phone and which should bring very many new possibilities.
The lucky beggars who have received updating RC-33 before a great bulk of users Android - the smart phone, inform that now the smart phone supports vocal search Google. When there will be long-awaited Cupcake an operator yet does not inform.
A source: Engadget

Monday, February 2, 2009

Intel starts to supply netbooks based on Android OS

Intel will begin production netbooks based on Google Android operating system in the current year and in 2010 the planned large-scale supply of these devices.
According to preliminary data, the laptop will use energy-efficient processor Intel Atom, as well as modules for 3G entry into the World Network. Users of these netbooks will have access to the online service of Android Market, which will be able to download any application or game.
Other details have not yet been reported.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

T-Mobile G1 for Dummies

All of us are familiar series of books «For Dummies». In Russia it is known primarily for computer aids Topics: «Word for Dummies», «Computer for Dummies», «Internet for Dummies». Few however know that overseas «kettle» help literally in everything from cooking to bed joy.
T-Mobile G1 for Dummies
Online store has a book to help new users communicator T-Mobile G1 on the platform Google Android "T-Mobile G1 For Dummies". This book will teach you to make calls, use the cards, manage contacts, surf the web via 3G networks and Wi-Fi, install new programs from the Android Market, as well as stay abreast of events through the services of Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube and, of course, the search engine Google.