Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unofficially: multitouch in HTC G1

As you know, G1 - the first phone based on Android - comes with a nonfunction multitouch. However, it became known that its work is no hardware limitations do not exist - the regime blocked program, and third-party developers can include it.
Programmer Luke Hutchison did so. He found a way to include multiple presses in the main programs that are supplied with the Android (Chrome browser and Google Maps), and in several other applications. While the realization of the function is not so smooth as in the iPhone or Palm Pre, further refinement will undoubtedly improve the perception and performance.
As usual in this imperfect world, there are a couple spoons of tar. The program is not very easy to install, and it produces a modified OS kernel. Sam developer diplomatically said «nonzero risk» of turning the device into a brick road. Therefore, now use multitach not wait for the more secure software, it is only those who live without it can not.