Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Giinii Movit Mini Micro - a new ultra-compact laptop

At the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2009 was presented a new miniature laptop - Giinii Movit Mini Micro. The model won first prize in the exhibition unusually innovative design.
Giinii Movit Mini Micro
Giinii Movit Mini Micro is able to connect to the Internet through the built-WiFi. The laptop is based on the operating system Google Android.
The device has the 4.3-inch touch screen, the resolution of which is 480h272 points. Giinii Movit Mini Micro also boasts a built a web camera and microphone, 256 MB memory, Bluetooth 2.0, audio jack, a port miniUSB, calculator, note-book and alarm clock. Quite a number for a small laptop.
«Despite the large number of the products at the exhibition, Giinii Movit Mini Micro clearly stand out from the crowd», said the company president Giinii Scott Reeves. «This is a unique handheld device that provides users with access to social resources of the Internet. Movit Mini Micro easily fit in a pocket, purse or diplomats. Using the built-WiFi, you can make phone calls, to communicate on the Internet, watch videos, play games and view photos».