Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foxconn will be engaged in manufacture of Android smartphones

Company Foxconn has opened own department R&D which will be engaged in manufacture of smart phones on the basis of operational system Google Android, informs DigiTimes with the link to article of Chinese edition Economic Daily News. As potential partner Foxconn represents the American manufacturer of mobile phones Motorola. It is necessary to notice, that company Motorola declared for a long time the intention to concentrate on open platform Android per 2009, marks a source.

Monday, March 30, 2009

HTC: the competition in the market of Android-devices will become aggravated

High Tech Computer(HTC) company, one of leaders in the market of "clever" phones, predicts a serious aggravation of a competition among manufacturers of mobile phones on the basis of platform Android. There will be it already in the second quarter 2009 when on the market there are many manufacturers who while will stand aside. Among beginners such large companies, as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are specified. While it is spoken about release possibility at least six new devices which in Europe will extend the operator of mobile communication Orange. At the same time itself HTC does not plan to hand over easily a position - the exit of two-three novelties specially for Europe is already planned. However, aside there are no also Taiwan companies. Such manufacturers as Acer and Asustek Computer also prepare own Android-novelties which will appear on sale in the second quarter. In case of Acer model Acer A1 prepares for release, sales should start in September.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google has updated Android Developer Phone

Company Google has presented updating for the open version of operational system Android Developer Phone. This working out - open analogue of version Android which is used on smart phone G1. Besides, the platform can be used without any bindings to a network of the cellular operator or smart phone model. Basically, owners of smart phones could test version 1.1 updating for couple of weeks before official start, it is accessible to free downloading and the "retail" version of operational system. In updated Android Developer Phone 1.1 program bugs and the mistakes connected with incorrect job of the device in the sleeping mode are corrected some. Also the post subsystem is improved, in particular, support POP3, informing on new messages and sending of letters under the schedule are added. Users can find some more pleasant surprises in job with ММС and vocal search.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tomorrow of Mobile Linux.

Today I can note some trends in the development of mobile Linux. This, above all, the desire to consolidate the efforts of developers. Many producers have realized a harmful fragmentation in creating different versions of Linux. Gradually was formed alliances to develop a single platform. Funny, but this trend again leads to a fragmentation of efforts. Already, there are several such groups in the world. Moreover, membership in them does not prevent some companies to work in parallel on his own discovery. In November 2005, the Organization LiPS (Linux Phone Standards) Forum was founded. Today it has 20 companies members. Наиболее известными являются ACCESS (поглотившая в свое время PalmSource), ARM, France Telecom, MontaVista. The best known are the ACCESS (was swallowed PalmSource), ARM, France Telecom, MontaVista. The Alliance was created to develop a full-fledged standard operating system. LiPS is coordinating its efforts with another group of developers, OSDL (Open Source Development Labs). In January 2007, LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation was established. Its members also come together to create a unified platform for mobile Linux. The group includes Motorola, Vodafone Group, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung Electronics, NEC, McAfee, LG Electronics and others. Finally, the last such entity became Open Handset Alliance a union of 34 companies led by Google. The coalition was created to improve the Android platform from Google, and to create devices operating on it. Today already there are about a dozen Linux-ready platforms for multiple classes of devices. In addition to Android, it is the offspring of LiPS Release 1.0 (December 2007), developed earlier by one of its participants ALP (ACCESS Linux Platform). In August 2006, was presented the Convergent Linux powered by a la Mobile. Yet another trend is the commercialization of mobile Linux. The involvement of large corporations once again calls into question the principles of Open Source. Thus, an LiMo Foundation alliance will offer licensing terms FPL to the API of its system, rather than a free GPL. The source code is available to members of LiMo. At the same time, really free, open to all projects already is available on the market. Among them, I would like to note the company Trolltech, and FIC (OpenMoko). OpenMoko (Open Moblie Сommunications) project of FIC is to create a mass Linux-smartphone. Neo1973 has distinct characteristics. Among them - 2.8-inch touch VGA-display, Samsung S3C2442 400 MHz processor, 256 MB memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS-receiver. It is unlikely that we can talk about the success of the product. Nevertheless, the «free» smartphone OpenMoko could become popular. However, in late 2007 appeared another project, the interest that exceeded all previously announced. This, of course, Android. The King of the Internet, of course, has its own mercantile interests in the creation of Linux-project. Because mobile Internet interest all the most influential market participants. Other members of Open Handset Alliance is also pursuing own interests. Components developers (NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, Intel, SiRF) plan to implement their solutions in the device based on Android. Operators (NTT DoCoMo) plan to attract new subscribers. It is clear that mobile Linux reached a new level and is quite capable to compete with other operating systems.

Friday, March 6, 2009

CeBIT: HTC Magic in black.

At CeBIT exhibition, the sizes of stands LG, Samsung and Nokia brings melancholy after Barcelona. Only HTC had more or less the probable stand, besides, there it was possible to become acquainted with smartphone Magic on Google Android basis, than tiny three minutes from the hands of the security guard on Mobile World Congress. The smartphone is amazing, is so burning a desire to have it, in addition it now is accessible not only in white, but also in black color. However, the photo is better than any words.
HTC Magic on CeBIT
The variant presented in Barcelona, has a body in white and on its clearly visible Vodafone trade mark. The version shown on CeBIT, has a black case with HTC trade mark.
HTC Magic black
It allows to assume, that under name "Magic" a subscribers of Vodafone mobile operator can get the device, and in wider sale it will go under name HTC Sapphire.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weapon upgrade: «Terminator» have armed with HTC Magic.

It is not known how, but HTC company managed to involve the present governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in advertising «googlephone» Magic. «Arni» with a magnificent smile on the face posed with HTC Magic communicator which debuted on the Mobile World congress.
Terminator with HTC Magic
Phone, I shall remind, became the second device with Android platform. It's equipped with 3,2-inch touch-screen with 480х320 pixels resolution , 192 Mb RAM, 512 Mb ROM, 3,2-megapixel camera with an auto focus, FM-radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Sales will start in April. Seller is Vodafone cellular operator

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HTC Magic video.

Today in a network I found a qualitative videoclip by means of which you can estimate appearance HTC Magic and see this communicator in work.

Expert opinion: Android will make Linux a mainstream.

Google Android OS has all chances to overcome in market Windows Mobile, Calvin Huang the Daiwa Securities expert has declared in interview to the ZDNet. In his opinion, Android OS becomes the most successful in the world the Linux-distribution kit, and free operational systems can seriously press on Windows and Mac OS X with its becoming. The analyst is assured - to compete with Microsoft, there is two things necessary for mobile OS: the low price for devices manufacturers and support from large software companies. At present meets these two requirements only Android and Symbian OS (recently became the open platform). The expert also believes, that Android will be soon delivered together with netbooks, and after a while - with usual notebooks.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steve Balmer: iPhone has no future.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer has declared, that Windows Mobile and Google Android - much more perfect operational systems for consumers of the mobile Internet, rather than Mac OS X. In his opinion, soon iPhone will cease to be well sold, and it will be buried. "Yes, the iPhone has a circle of admirers, but as a whole, we and Google have developed much more durable operational systems", - he has declared. By estimation of NetApplications, users of smartphones iPhone generate 66,61 % of all Internet-traffic in mobile networks. Portion of Windows Mobile is only 6,91% of the market, and Google Android makes 6,15 %.

Monday, March 2, 2009

XPhone: chinese iPhone clone based on Android.

In the market appears more and more phones with touch screen and in the near future should appear even more. It is no wonder that they often happen are similar outwardly and in respect of functionality. Moreover, if to consider them from the point of view iPhone, all of them can seem its copies. Despite it, phones continue to make, and manufacturers try to equip with functions on which their devices will be possible to be differed from other. And the Chinese company Yuhua has decided to present the phone. The device under name Xphone will work on Android operating system. At the first sight the novelty bears a strong resemblance with General Mobile DSTL1 phone which has been shown on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona one week ago. Xphone is equipped with:
  • Marvell PXA-310 processor with frequency of 624 megahertz,
  • the 128 mbytes RAM,
  • 256 mbytes the built-in memory,
  • slot for microSD cards(cards up to 16 gigabytes are supported),
  • WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0.
The novelty works in three ranges GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS/EDGE. The 3-inch display of phone has a resolution 240×400 pixels. Phone have the 3-megapixel camera, but flash is not installed. Also it is necessary to mark presence of a functional media player ( play back H.264, 3GPP, MPEG4 , 3GP files ), and also a web browser with HTTP, WAP Push, xHTML, SMS, MMS. The 1000 mA/h battery enters into a delivery package. Work time in various modes is not disclosed. The manufacturer not speaks about the price of the device and date of its appearance on sale.