Monday, April 20, 2009

Linux-phones Earn popularity

Companies Panasonic and NEC announced nine cellular telephones on the basis of mobile operational system Linux Mobile (LiMo). Popularity of open operational systems has considerably increased after an exit of a novelty from Apple and developed Google mobile OS Android. Use of alternatives to "classical" operational systems allow, among other, to lower cost of phones. Representatives of fund LiMo Foundation have informed, that five companies - Aromasoft, CasioHitachi Mobile Communications, Marvell, Opera Software and Swisscom - have joined membership in this noncommercial fund, having increased amount of its members to 55. Companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, taking second and third places among world manufacturers of mobile phones, are members of fund LiMo, but yet did not announce commercial models. Only NEC, Panasonic and Motorola have shown phones using software LiMo. In 2009 phones on the basis of LiMo have promised to present such operators, as Vodafone, Orange, Japanese NTT DoCoMo, Korean SK Telecom, and American Verizon Wireless and Telefonica.

Ten the best news of week about mobile phones - on April, 19th

1. Company Samsung is going to to release phones with platform Android in June? Can seem, that developers Android have started up this hearing when there was nothing more interesting, but we believe, that we will soon see, how, at least, one more manufacturer will apply this operational system in phones! Possibly, on a place of such company it can appear Samsung if to believe hearings, that they have three phones on platform Android which should appear in Europe till the end of this year, and the first of them should be presented in June. 2. Whether there can be phone S8000 the first? In March we saw some pictures of phone S8000 with marks Anycall, but hearings now go, that phone with the touch screen could be phone Samsung number one on platform Android. With navigator GPS, the display on organic light-emitting diodes, support of communication of the third generation, Wi-Fi and 5-megapixels camera, it has impressive characteristics, but in our opinion, Cupcake Android it is required hardly more keys, than at the moment is available in model S8000? 3. A free charge of devices at Heathrow airport! If you make flight from Heathrow airport, look there for devices with doubtful name Power Poles, their only 47, and in them it is possible to recharge phone, laptop or any other device is free! This service is sponsored by company Samsung, and now to find Pole it is possible in terminals one and three. 4. Chargers for a mobile phone against the universal decision If you have lost charge device or simply regularly use more than one device instead of what to buy new gymnastics or to wait for occurrence fantastic universal зарядных ports, will pay the attention to this excellent product! It is inserted into USB-port of the personal computer and allows to load some phones simultaneously! 5. Under company Nokia forecasts, all the worst remains behind Company Nokia has strongly suffered during a current economic crisis, however they predict, that in second half of 2009 any more will not be worse, even, probably, the situation will slightly be adjusted for them and other manufacturers of mobile phones! After their report on profit falling on 90 %, such forecasts are extremely necessary for them! 6. Phone LG SV710 Suit. Not on every day Though it is improbable, that this new phone LG will enter on the European coast, to mention it nevertheless costs! Phone SV710 Suit completely corresponds to the name (Suit - in a translation from English «the business suit»), after all in it is available the special software for office expenses and the information on trips, that very much approaches for businessmen who rotate in high circles, but not so high that the smart phone was necessary to them. 7. Phones Sony Ericsson S312 and W205 on video Recently this month we have covered the announcement of three phones of an average level from Sony Ericsson which should appear soon - S312 and W205. Now company Sony Ericsson offers advertising videoclips with phones S312 and W205, and we can meet them more close! 8. Program Photo Browser from Nokia is accessible to all! Well, at least, for all, at whom a mobile phone on platform Symbian S60, 3 edition. If to you has liked 3D Photo Browser - the program for viewing of images with 3D-models which has been installed on phone Nokia 5800 then address to Nokia Beta Labs and can download it on the mobile phone on platform S60 3rd! For these phones even there are two versions, differing presence or absence accelerometr. 9. Conceptual phone which we would like to have … Phone Kyocera EOS has been developed by Susan MakKinni (Susan McKinney), and in him there is everything, that is necessary for a future mobile phone. It is equipped by the flexible screen on organic light-emitting diodes which turns to the excellent large-format display, the keyboard with keys which disappear when in them necessity disappears, and again appear, when become necessary, besides, there is a system of produce kinetic energy which uses your movements for gymnastics! 10. Actual phone which we do not want! Advertised by the person who has forgotten to shave, this mobile phone RongZun (or it should be called Wrong‘Un, in a translation from English "wrong") has the built in electrorazor. It is possible to clean a protective cap from the basis of phone and to start to have a shave, where the person would not be and what it did - in a bathroom, in a train or in the middle of a dinner! On site Gizmodo there is a videoclip in of 8 minutes for the devoted.

On May, 5th - date of official relise HTC Magic.

Second phone on the basis of OS Android will be offered subscribers of network Vodafone UK on May, 5th, informs an official site of the operator. The device working by means of operational system Google, should enter the market on April, 17th, but its release has been detained in connection with «change at the last minute hardware components». Which characteristics have undergone to change, the company does not inform. We will remind, that Magic possesses 3,2 "the QVGA-screen and has no QWERTY-keyboard (unlike predecessor G1). Among its other functions - 3,2 Mp the camera with an auto focus, the GPS-receiver and support of wireless reports HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Vodafone Magic it will be offered subscribers free of charge under condition of connection to the tariff plan providing payment approximately of $50 a month within one and a half years. At the contract conclusion for two years the sum of monthly payments will make $40.