Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sony Ericsson prepares release of phone with Android 2.0

Head Sony Ericsson Hideki (Dick) Komiyama has declared, that the company can release phone with operational system Android. As the company does not hurry up anywhere, therefore performance of such problem can occupy time. Despite it, such phone from Sony Ericsson can will appear on sale much earlier, than it seems. Representatives of the company declare, that job over phone goes, but it will be already intended for operational system Android of the second generation - Android 2.0. It is especially interesting, that company Google, the developer of this operational system while a uniform word has not mentioned about Android 2.0 for mobile phones. Now the decision is known under code name Donut. It is supposed, that the same user interface, as on HTC Hero (also known as Rosie) will be used here. Everything, that at present is known about the new version of a platform, it that it will be equipped by much bigger multimedia functionality, than previous. Policy Sony Ericsson is now that, that the company does not wish to be limited to several operational systems for phones which will leave in the future. At present it is phones from OS Symbian and Windows Mobile. Symbian OS it will be installed on phone from Sony Ericsson with 12,1-megapixels camera. To them becomes Sony Ericsson which have been shown in February on the World Mobile Congress under brand Entertainment Unlimited. Similar, that under the same brand on May, 28th there is new phone. Probably, then we learn, when on sale will appear Idou.