Friday, February 6, 2009

Concept phone Granite.

The river pebble polished with water became a prototype concept mobile phone Granite. The designer by name of Sachin Mistry became which author, represents impressive enough device having onboard the 3,1-inch display and 3-megapixel camera.
Outwardly the device represents harmonious symbiosis of ideologies Palm Pre, rulers HTC communicators, and also something working under control of platform Google Android.
Also phone Granite is equipped 8-gigabytes SSD-card, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for data exchange with devices under Windows or MacOS X. The sizes of phone make 121 x 58 x 9,5 mm, its case is made of glossy plastic. Concerning a brand under which such device could appear in a production version, it is necessary to guess only. Palm, HTC, maybe, Apple?

Google Books it is adapted for iPhone and Android

Google adapted project Google Books in which frameworks users can get access to digital copies of books, under the mobile devices working on the basis of operating system Android, and also under Apple iPhone. Besides, the company has joined group of the western operators and the content-providers advancing access to electronic books on screens of mobile phones.
In Google notice that is primary all materials presented in the project, have been scanned and placed in open access. At viewing scans of books on the big screen of the computer of problems, as a rule, do not arise, and here when the user tries to make the same on 3-inch a mobile phone or smart phone screen its attempts terminate unsuccessfully.
As a result, the company in special way adapted Google Books that mobile clients too could use service. In practice adaptation has been shown to the admission of materials through the OCR-systems recognising the text. To actually mobile users are transferred(transmitted) only the text of books, without their graphic representation.
In statement Google it is said that now on service the English-speaking are accessible to mobile users to 1,5 million books, about 1 million from which. At present in texts of books some mistakes caused by features of work of OCR-systems contain. To users of mobile versions the company has addressed in the request to correct downloaded texts and to send back corrected variants.