Saturday, April 4, 2009

Date of release of the first googlophone from Samsung is named

Company Samsung has confirmed, that works over the first googlophone. It in interview Forbes was declared by the vice-president of the telecommunication giant on global marketing Won-Pyo Hong. According to Mr. Honga, the device will be presented in June, and not to the USA, and in Europe where «crisis is felt less, and consumer ability of the population above». But the main thing - that only in the Old World it is possible to sell the same device simultaneously in networks of several operators. Well and to the North America - probably, as indemnification - till the end of a year Samsung will put at once two Android-communicators: one - for operator Sprint, another - for T-Mobile. In connection with features of marketing and preferences of mobile operators communicators will not be similar at all against each other. Despite all it, Samsung still concerns to Google Android frostily enough, considering this mobile OS only as one of set. We will remind, that in the beginning of year Koreans announced 8-megapixels cameraphone under control of Symbian; besides, in a company active many communicators on the basis of Windows Mobile. Release possibility same year one more smartphones - on the basis of Linux (in cooperation with Limo Foundation) is not excluded.