Wednesday, February 11, 2009

O2 is working on mobile data storage.

If it is about the marketing of Android mobile phones, a well-arranged word wants to join in the conversation O2 still this year. From six to eight Smartphones should be equipped with the Google operating system. There competition positions itself already for T-Mobile.
There will be in future not only G1 alternatives, O2 also plans at other place what new: to the end of the year there should also be an on-line memory solution. The idea: Files like photos or videos of the mobile phone or the notebook on-line can store and call away from everywhere. As an interface between mobile phone or notebook and Internet serves a small box which is connected on the mobile radio network from o2 to the World Wide web. Files will transfer by Bluetooth on the box and walk from there on-line further on an o2 server which serves as a storage space. I might already look the box on "Innovation Days" in the Munich group headquarters. Advantage: the whole fun functions without additional software. Indeed, the box recently snatched to the developer lab looks a little bit bulky. Up to the end of the year - the marketing of the memory solution should not start earlier - one still, however, wants to shrink the size with o2. So in possibly at USB embroidery level, one says.
And what does this cost? Do not know one with o2 still exactly. The responsible Product manager explained towards me that one calculates with monthly costs at the rate of five euros. Quite honestly: this is too expensive to me.