Monday, April 20, 2009

Linux-phones Earn popularity

Companies Panasonic and NEC announced nine cellular telephones on the basis of mobile operational system Linux Mobile (LiMo). Popularity of open operational systems has considerably increased after an exit of a novelty from Apple and developed Google mobile OS Android. Use of alternatives to "classical" operational systems allow, among other, to lower cost of phones. Representatives of fund LiMo Foundation have informed, that five companies - Aromasoft, CasioHitachi Mobile Communications, Marvell, Opera Software and Swisscom - have joined membership in this noncommercial fund, having increased amount of its members to 55. Companies Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, taking second and third places among world manufacturers of mobile phones, are members of fund LiMo, but yet did not announce commercial models. Only NEC, Panasonic and Motorola have shown phones using software LiMo. In 2009 phones on the basis of LiMo have promised to present such operators, as Vodafone, Orange, Japanese NTT DoCoMo, Korean SK Telecom, and American Verizon Wireless and Telefonica.