Friday, March 6, 2009

CeBIT: HTC Magic in black.

At CeBIT exhibition, the sizes of stands LG, Samsung and Nokia brings melancholy after Barcelona. Only HTC had more or less the probable stand, besides, there it was possible to become acquainted with smartphone Magic on Google Android basis, than tiny three minutes from the hands of the security guard on Mobile World Congress. The smartphone is amazing, is so burning a desire to have it, in addition it now is accessible not only in white, but also in black color. However, the photo is better than any words.
HTC Magic on CeBIT
The variant presented in Barcelona, has a body in white and on its clearly visible Vodafone trade mark. The version shown on CeBIT, has a black case with HTC trade mark.
HTC Magic black
It allows to assume, that under name "Magic" a subscribers of Vodafone mobile operator can get the device, and in wider sale it will go under name HTC Sapphire.