Sunday, February 15, 2009

Favourite routes with « My Tracks » for Android phones.

The new GPS application "My Tracks" has appeared for phones on the basis of Android, such as T-Mobile G1. "My Tracks" writes all movings of the user on the nature, using for this purpose built-in phone GPS. On the screen is displayed the passed way on a map and a current data, including height above sea level. The most important - this is easy to share with friends and all world by means of Google Maps or to archive in history of trainings by means of Google Docs. The majority of GPS-receivers need special interface to a computer with installing software for transfer and converting of data, for uploading a route into a network. With My Tracks it became much easier. To write down a route and to load it is possible directly from phone by means of e-mail or Twitter. "My Tracks" can:
  • Write down and display GPS-tracks during occupations by run, the pedestrian walks, drivings on a bicycle, walkings on skis or any other active kind of sports
  • Display the operative information on full time, time in movement, average speed, distance and height above sea level
  • Send statistics of trainings in Google Docs for construction of history of occupations
  • Put labels and make their description for other users Google Maps
Necessary to go to Android Market from phone on the basis of Android and specify in search "My Tracks." Install it and press "Start recording" in the menu.