Friday, February 20, 2009

Garmin-Asus Eee Phone: instead of Android will have Windows Mobile 6.5?

Accessible mobile phone EeePhone is surrounded by rumors. The device is developing an a recently formed alliance Garmin-Asus. There was an information, that instead of Linux-platform Android of the company can install on Eee Phone a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS which has been announced during the Mobile World congress. Representatives Garmin and Asus refuse to make a comments about Eee Phone. Perhaps, the Asus executive director is unique official, who is confirming the fact of its development. However even he is avaricious on a detail. However, it is not excluded, that Garmin-Asus will present at once a few Eee Phone with a miscellaneous software. As was in a case with netbooks Eee PC - buyers could choose models with Linux or with Windows.