Thursday, February 12, 2009

At competition Pwn2Own hackers will compete in breaking of browsers and smart phones.

During competitions which this year will pass at annual hacker's conference CanSecWest, web browsers and mobile phones become the main targets. As organizers of action speak, competition Pwn2Own will consist this time of two separate disciplines – in the first case of hackers will set on IE8, Firefox 3 and Safari, and phones on the basis of Google Android, Apple iPhone, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile become the purposes of the second competition. Fight IE and Firefox, no doubt, will involve in itself special attention though it is not up to the end clear, for what reasons browser Opera has been eliminated from this competition. Rules of carrying out of competition are not sounded yet, but we with confidence can assume that for a victory hackers should use unknown vulnerability in a browser and to get complete access to system. Windows 7 becomes a platform for carrying out of experiments Sony VAIO P with installed on it, and the winner can leave this computer to itself. The second action routed on breaking of transportable OS, also should involve in itself interest. Hackers have already successfully cracked iPhone and smart phones on the basis of Android, it is known as well about presence exploits in Symbian and Windows Mobile. Therefore from this competition too it is necessary to expect much that standing.