Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nokia can enter on a notebooks market.

Nokia head, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, has declared during interview the Finnish telechannel YLE, that his company considers an opportunity of an entering on notebook market. Considering all the changes which have occured last years, this decision Nokia company if it will be finally accepted, doesn't become such surprising. " That we now calls mobile phones, and that we named personal computers five years ago, at the moment not too strongly differ from each other " - has told Kallasvuo. In spite of that fact that Nokia looks like a little bit late visitor on this party, it have chances to win some share of this market. It is expected, that Nokia notebooks will differs from the products presented today on market, especially if to consider that fact, that the company for certain will add in the devices some communication modules . Also it is necessary to recollect, that in past Nokia already declared, that its mobile phones actually are computers. While it is possible only abstractly to argue what a notebooks Nokia will release. But if to consider all factors, there is a sensation, that it will be absolutely not similar devices than what we were accustomed by modern manufacturers of portable computers. With all this sensation around Google Android, портированной in нетбуки, very probably also, that Nokia can develop for the notebooks a new version of Symbian OS, however at the moment all this is no more than the assumption.