Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Modesty of the Google, or Android on MWC 2009.

Contrary to expectations of devices on the basis of Android on MWC is a little. They, certainly, all "made in China". Google at an exhibition is present only in the form of a separate negotiation room - near which, however, noticed a suspicious lot of Chinese heads in the strict dress. Chineses in private conversations are extremely pleased to occurrence Google. Windows Mobile was too expensive, as they said. In general, Google, on MWC is almost imperceptible, but some new devices are present, in particular, HTC Magic. Samsung company, on behalf of Won-Pyo Hong, the head of strategic planning products, has confirmed the intentions on release of Android-phones. Moreover, top-manager of the company has declared, that Samsung will put on the market, at least, three devices on Android and one on the basis of other Linux-like OS by the end of this year. In turn, Mr. Lencquesaing, the officially representing Acer company at exhibition MWC 2009, has declared, that his company is going to present up to the end of year at least one communicator not on Windows Mobile, and not on Symbian. Top-manager has actually confirmed intention of Acer to fill up the list of Android devices manufacturers. Broadcom company has announced on MWC 2009 a refrence-design for smartphones with support of high resolution video and 12-megapixels camera. The manufacturer of mobile chipsets positions this decision as the basis for future phones under control of Android. As a key characteristics act - presence a hardware codecs for HD video (up to 720р), output HDMI channel and support for digital camera with the resolution up to 12 Mp. Broadcom declare that a camera module, besides record of HD-video, supports an image stabilization and a recognition faces, blinking and smiles. The reference-design includes also the processor for connection to 3G networks on chip BCM2153, multimedia processor BCM2727, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/FM module on chip BCM4325, A-GPS receiver BCM4750, TV-receiver BCM2940 and the chip of power management BCM59035. The representative of the company has declared, that a combination of opportunities of OS Android and functional decisions from Broadcom will lead to occurrence of following generation smartphones and communicators.