Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ubiquitous Android, or Android - everywhere.

The former designer Apple Mark Hemblin was engaged in debugging of platform Android together with company Google and its partners. After an upgrade it can work not only with wireless phones, but also with others gadgets.
When Google with partners for the first time declared plans on creation Android, they talked about a software for mobile phones. This work has been finished in the end of the last year with release on the market of phone G1 from T-Mobile. On turn new mobile phones with a revolutionary software. But before it we can see this platform and on some other gadgets.
Mark Hemblin helped to create design of the touch screen for iPhone. Today the general director of company Touch Revolution alters Android for start on other devices. In Mark's plans to introduce this system on house wire phones and on remote controls, and also in restaurant menus, medical devices and on 15-inch kitchen computers on which members of a family can leave to the friend of the message.
The concept "Android everywhere" becomes good news, both for Google, and for such manufacturers of chips, as Qualcomm and Texas Instruments which invested means in platform development. They, certainly, will like idea of sale of semiconductors in the new markets. And here for Microsoft "omnipresence" Android becomes the reason for the next headache, because the software giant under the direction of Steve Balmer itself aspires to establishing the software on as it is possible more quantity electronic devices.
Where Android can appear in the near future? "The facilitated" versions laptops, known as netbooks, at exhibition GSMA Mobile World Congress which will pass in this month in Barcelona are going to present set of electronic devises on the basis of Android.
"Nine months ago was full curious, interested Android, - the director for marketing WindRiver Systems John Bruggeman speaks. - Now they start to build design which effectively surpasses all versions Windows".
Representatives Microsoft declare that the company is not frightened by rivalry with Android, based on OS Linux. "We welcome possibility of a competition to other companies in this area, - is told in statement Microsoft. - In general, we consider that users will prefer well to them the acquaintances compatible to many programs and OS Windows easy in use, rather than than Linux".
According to Businessweek.