Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Android-HTC phone will be better than iPhone and Palm Pre.

Leaders of the Australian mobile operator Telstra issued a statement that the HTC is working on a new mobile phone platform Android. According to them, the device will be better and more functional than the iPhone, and Palm Pre.
From the available information suggests that «murderer» iPhone and Palm Pre, created by HTC, will be equipped with the largest touch screen to all previously issued phones HTC. Software written for the news staff of the manufacturer. Sales communicator on Android should begin in the first half of the year. Perhaps the release will take place around the same time as the release for Palm Pre operator Sprint.
Note that the statement of Telstra may not be entirely accurate. In particular, it is unclear what HTC phones with large displays deals - now record a Touch HD and MAX 4G with 3.8-inch screens. Make the screen even more - then turn the phone in the MID, but it is not what you need to HTC. Perhaps it was a 2.8-inch Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.
New roadmap of HTC, shows the Android-phone, code-named Hero. Maybe this is a new «murderer» iPhone?