Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lenovo Ophone is ready to release.

Do your remember phone Ophone from company Lenovo which has been painted as true murderer Apple iPhone? And so, it has not changed the status, unlike many similar devices, is not going to release after the marked term. Planned date of its release is on May, 17th, 2009, that is it is literally the day after tomorrow. At first it will appear in territory of China, and then will extend worldwide. Lenovo Ophone is touchphone with the big touch screen on all obverse panel, and it works not on Chinese anonymous operational system any there, no, on it is installed Google Android with the latest updates. Phone fine feels both in GSM, and in networks of the third generation and even has built in TV-tuner, accepting digital signals. The manufacturer also marks support of so-called networks 4G, but that it is meant it, while is not clear. In China this device will be on sale in a network of operator China Mobile, and the world version should extend not blocked. Well, we will wait for all couple of days, and then we esteem the first responses from happy owners Lenovo Ophone, the murderer iPhone.