Sunday, June 20, 2010

HTC's Android 2.1 update will wipe your data

BACKUP YOUR DATA because the second of two HTC Hero updates to upgrade the phone to Android 2.1 will wipe the handset, says its manufacturer. The first update to bring Android 2.1, also known as Éclair, to the Hero is underway with a second and final update to take place before the end of this month. Only once that is downloaded and installed will the phone have the Android 2.1 OS. This second update is so large that HTC said, "we would advise using a WiFi connection for this download to avoid additional data charges." The updates, detected when Hero automatically checks for software updates, will be pushed to users' phones and they will be asked to accept the over the air change. Users of HTC's Desire and Droid Incredible models and its future Evo 4G and MyTouch slide products might be offered updates to Android 2.2, Froyo. HTC intends to announce a full list of updates for Froyo later this year with the updates expected to take place before year end.