Saturday, December 3, 2016

Chuwi Hi12 screen rotation issue.

In Chuwi Hi12 tablets which are released after September 27, 2016 are flashed BIOS E4D6_HI-122LP.233 and Android system with kernel version 3.14.37-x86_64-L1-R517 at Sep 27 09:25:55 CST 2016. But on the official site of Chuwi there is no this official firmware. The April Android version from Chuwi site can be flashed on such tablets, but at the same time ceases to work automatic screen rotation. Unfortunately I didn't make a backup copy of system. I had to built myself version of a firmware from  official April firmware and copies of the boot partition from my tablet. You can download it here. Perhaps, it will help somebody.

Modified stock system image based on 5.1 LMY47I eng.softteam.20160927.090911 release-keys
- Launcher Catapult (fork Trebuchet);
- Reduced minimum brightness;
- Touchpad tweak (/ proc / gt9xx_config);
- default English language;
- No Chinese applications.
 To flash use this command: fastboot flash system chuwi_system_full_mod_sparce.img